SNAP e-Media is a publisher agency representing digital entertainment brands in social media and games.

We work closely with our publishers to protect and grow their brands while also delivering high-quality, result-oriented services to advertisers.

Our core audience demographic consists of U.S. males aged 18 to 40 on branded community sites that don’t shy away from edgy, controversial content or advertising.




Tired of trying to figure out how the ad networks are spending your money?

Advertising with SNAP e-Media gives you the freedom to paint with broad strokes (purchasing by channel) or with intricate detail (designing a custom campaign to reach specific brands and targeted audiences).

Strategically position your product or service brand with our audiences by associating with one of our publishers’ digital entertainment brands in a brief or long-term exclusive contract for specific ad-spot placements.




Represent your digital entertainment brand in a new light with an agency that cares about your success.

Use our advertising sales management services to free up your time and focus on your core competency, the delivery of compelling entertainment content.

With regularly scheduled meetings, actionable objectives, and accountable reporting, the lines between “our team” and “your team” will disappear.